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Galactic Attack - Taito

by Psykik (


    Galactic Attack was orginally released under the name Layer Section in Japan. Now, it has a new name and is being distributed by Acclaim. This game hails back to the golden age of shooters. Galactic Attack is another tough vertical shooter. If you liked Raiden then you will like this game.

While the graphics in this are are nice, its nothing you haven't seen before. Enemies are often on another 'plane' so that you cannot simply shoot over them and be done with it. Instead you have a laser which can be upgraded. To make use of the laser you must 'lock-on' to the enemies above or below you. You can lock onto multiple enemies ala Panzer Dragoon. The wepons that you can get in the game don't vary much, and aren't very impressive. The graphics from level to level have a slightly different theme as you would expect in any shooter.

The sound in this game is also good, but again nothing special or worth noting. The quality of the music follows that of the sound. I don't have much else to say about this game.

Graphics: 7

  • + The opening intro is impressive although short.
  • +/- Lots of stuff is moving around.
  • +/- The level to level graphics change...but not a lot.
Sound: 8
  • + The explosion f/x are cool.
  • + The music is great too.
Gameplay: 8
  • + No slowdown only adds the the game.
  • +/- Two player mode is nice..but things can get crowded fast.
Replay Value: 5
  • - Once you beat this thing there's not much left to be discovered.
Overall: 7


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